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Honda VF 750 C Magna (88) Motorcycle Battery


Product Code: 31121712121HL

Stock Level: 5

Honda VF 750 C Magna (88) Motorcycle Battery


All batteries are supplied dry filled unless otherwise stated, and the correct amount of acid will be included.





Please follow the guidelines below on how to activate your battery.




Dry Filled Batteries -  Fill the battery with supplied acid to upper fill level, leave to settle for 15  minutes, check acid levels and ensure acid level is at the upper fill mark before and after charging, once fully charged insert the yellow caps ensuring a tight and firm fit.

Gel Filled Batteries - Remove foil seal from the battery and the plastic cap from the acid cartridge. Press the cartridge on to the top of the battery piercing the seals and allow it to drain completely before removing it and pressing the plastic sealing strip firmly on to the top of the battery. Over the next few hours the acid will change to gel.

Sealed Batteries - These batteries are NOT supplied with acid and are fully sealed they simply require charging. These batteries MUST NEVER be opened.


Batteries WILL require charging on a motorcycle trickle charger ONLY! Using a car battery charger will cause damage to the battery.


On average a new battery will require charging for 6 hours before use, failure to do so will result in a short battery life span.


This information is offered as a guide only.

Battery acid is very corrosive please ensure your safety when handling.

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